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Senior Software Engineer - .NET - WFH


Software Development

.Net Developer


Date Posted:

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Employment Type:

Full Time




Top end of the market



Right, we both know this isn’t the first and won’t be the last advert you look at so let’s make this one interesting. And excuse the repetition of Principal Software Engineer, we must do this for searching purposes. I’ll get the elephant in the room out the way first. I can’t write down the salary, but I can tell you over the phone. But, nod nod, wink wink it’s in the right range for a Principal Software Engineer and lies at the top end of the bracket.

As the Principal Software Engineer, you can work from home or arrive flexibly to the office when you do feel the need, your dress down and you even get onsite subsidised food.

Why pay for a boots meal deal when you don’t have to?

Who are you joining? They are in the top 20 legal firms in the world and operate completely against how you’d expect one to, there’s no pin striped suits walking around nor Harvey Spencer’s swanning around the office.

As the Principal Software Engineer when you aren’t taking part in the hackathons onsite, you’ll probably find yourself doing development… they are looking for people with experience using ASP.NET to build web applications in Webforms and MVC.

Now fair being fair they would like you to have an element of full stack so any kind of Javascript framework knowledge would be great. But fear not, if you don’t, we still want to speak to you as there is a place in the team for backend only.

In the year gone by they’ve relocated the IT function from London to Manchester and albeit there is still a function in London now, that will change.

What does that mean for you? Well there are plenty of paths to progress as not only is the team growing but they are focusing on Manchester as a hub for IT growth.

So, as a Principal Software Engineer, you’ll mentor and help develop a team of 10-12 in the enterprise team and work on large scale projects.

On that note, why not apply to find out more?

Financial and criminal checks will be carried upon offer of this position should you accept.

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