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PHP Developer (3)




Date Posted:

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Employment Type:

Full Time




£40k - £45k



This start-up business is now reaching the scale-up phase. As this happens you will have a clear route for learning new technology from large enterprise projects to career promotion. They have built and developed technology that has redefined affiliate marketing technology and is displacing archaic competitor products.

You will join a remote team that consists of 3 senior PHP developers, using Laravel working directly with a Product Owner to maintain and develop new features.

They have recently secured several long-term enterprise-level customers which means you will be joining a business that is secure financially and will give you the confidence to achieve your career goals.

You will be involved in various new projects in the development team and will work closely with the DevOps team on scalability for new customers.

You will be given the autonomy to manage your work time as they realise that you have a life to lead alongside your work, but you will have the support of senior developers and management where you require it.

As you will be remote there isn’t an expectation that you will visit offices located in Nottingham and Manchester, but you can if you would like to.

The Managing Director is very open to speaking to you and understanding your thoughts about the business and has an open door to help deliver change if it is required.

This means if you have something you think needs changing in your personal career or the team generally, they will hold regular reviews to make sure you are happy.

All in, this business will provide you with a solid foundation to continue to build your career in an interesting and fast-evolving technology space.

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