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Twitter’s New and Creative Recruiting Scheme

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Is Social Media the New Trend in Recruitment?

Scrap the CV – Get Your Tweet On


Everybody has experienced the tedious, time-consuming and repetitive task of having to write and update your CV. On the piece of A4 paper, individuals are left with the task of construing a true representation of themselves and trying to show off all of their skills and experience in one go. The standard CV has been an integral part of businesses recruitment processes for over 40 years, but Twitter has now thrown another method into the mix, with their #OneTweetCV.


Twitter has recently announced a new recruitment policy for its job openings. They are looking for five young employees to attend the company’s paid work experience placement later this year. To apply for the role, however, applicants must tweet why they deserve the job in 280 characters, followed by the hashtag.


The unorthodox strategy has been received well by many users online, who have been keen to interact with the hashtag and have a go at winning a spot to work at the HQ in London. 


Attracting the Creative


During the submission process, Twitter has encouraged applicants to be as original as possible in an attempt to show themselves off. Amongst many of the tweets, emojis, gifs and memes have all been utilised effectively – aspects not usually found on your typical job application!


With Twitter being one of the hottest social networking sites in the modern-day era, it is inevitably looking for candidates who fit its mould of being fresh, current and creative. By customising its recruitment process so specifically, Twitter is able to attract the perfect candidates and narrow choices down quickly.


Since its foundation in 2016, Twitter has billed itself as the perfect opportunity for individuals to possess a sense of liberation when sharing content online. The method of tweeting, when it comes to job applications, aims to give users the freedom to express themselves in a way that your typical CV doesn’t allow.


As an organisation that thrives on being creative and thinking outside of the box, Twitter’s customised policy of #OneTweetCV allows the business to identify its ideal applicants.


The Future of Recruitment? 


Given the huge rise of social media accessibility and usage over the last decade, it was, perhaps, no surprise to see such high volumes of response to the latest campaign led by Twitter.


Social media has become an influential factor behind the creation of job opportunities and business links, but the latest recruitment method from Twitter has now resulted in directly recruiting users from the platform. Does this spark a change in the way recruiters now go about their business and will more companies adopt a similar strategy?


An organisation that draws a comparison to this notion, and one that has been making significant strides in the digital world, is LinkedIn. The LinkedIn networking app has been connecting employees and businesses together, over the last few years. Social media platforms and apps continue to allow users to climb up the technological ladder, as it consistently grants opportunities in the online world.


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