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Senior Recruitment Consultant Chris Hine Talks Design Recruitment and Job Satisfaction

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Senior Recruitment Consultant Chris Hine on why he’s not a designer...

Senior Recruitment Consultant Chris Hine is a man of many talents, not least of which is having an uncanny knack of finding the ideal candidate.

This goes beyond simply filling a specific vacancy. Chris’ skill is in not just matching a candidate to a role, but in finding that individual who will elevate the whole business.

He’s invested in the outcome because he works in a sector which means something to him – design recruitment.

Having joined the First Achieve Manchester recruitment team in March last year, Chris has had ample time to reflect on what makes design recruitment the right fit for him.

He’s been penning his thoughts in a new blog series on LinkedIn.

In his first instalment, Chris compares the process of a designer with the steps involved in successful recruitment. From the initial brief, and all the revisions which often come along further in the process, to the final decision and the satisfaction which always comes with a job well done.

As the old adage goes, “those who can, do, those who can’t, teach” but what about recruitment?

Like teaching, recruitment affords you the opportunity to be involved in an industry you are passionate about and help nurture and promote talent.

As the man himself says:

Why not surround myself with it [design talent] on the daily, and recruit it instead?”

Specialising in design recruitment allows Chris to inhabit the design world and interact with those whose skills he admires, on a day-to-day basis.

This, in turn, gives him great job satisfaction, which enforces his efforts for the next client.

“It’s a game changer…I could not be happier.”

It also means he needs to have his finger on the pulse of innovations within the industry.

Any recruiter worth their salt should know that their market knowledge has to be up to date.”

This is a crucial factor in any recruitment process. If you don’t understand the requirements of a role or the specific challenges associated with a particular industry, you cannot possibly hope to find the right candidate.

But, for Chris, research into design goes beyond a requirement of his job.

“There is a very strong bond between designers and recruiters.”

Beyond the natural gratitude of a successful candidate towards a recruiter who finds them a new job, there is a mutual admiration that occurs when respective talents are recognised and respected.

 “I get to talk day in day out with other people who share a common passion and it makes my day that much more enjoyable.”

Chris’ interest in design means he is invested in the candidates he puts forward and can relate to them on a more personal level. It is this empathy and understanding which makes Chris such an effective recruiter.


You can read the whole blog on Chris’ LinkedIn page, or drop him an email to see if he could help you to find the design role or candidate you are seeking.

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