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New Year, New Job

Friday, December 29, 2017



Start the Near Year off on a high and find your perfect job today.

It’s that time of year again. Each January, millions of gainfully employed people commit themselves to improve their lot in life and strike out into the cold, cruel world looking for a new job. As recruitment specialists, this is our favourite and busiest time of the year.

As exciting as the prospect of landing the perfect role may be to you, there is something you should remember… are vying for the very same position as dozens or even HUNDREDS of other like-minded candidates.

So how can you stand out? Following a stale CV format that is as uninspired as the blank white paper it’s printed on may not help you get noticed. You need to pack a lot of punch into your CV. Sounds easy enough. But even people who write day in, day out struggle to compose a compelling paragraph about themselves. With professional networks such as LinkedIn becoming the first port of call for would-be employers, you need your profile to pop. We’re here to help you create the perfect personal statement.



Keep it simple, silly. No one wants to read drivel. It’s the time to be concise. You’ll impress more with one killer sentence than with 1000 words of nothingness. Write down all the things that make you special. Then edit. Edit again. And again. Keep paring down until you have a few powerful statements about yourself. You might just surprise yourself! 

Are your pants on fire?

PLEASE remember that it is painfully easy for a prospective employer to weed through the tangled web of porky-pies on a CV. Honesty is the best policy. Highlight the benefits you brought to your role or time you went above and beyond the call of duty. And you won’t be tripped up about fibs in your interview.

Don’t be cringe-y

Put yourself in the recruiter or hiring manager’s shoes for a minute as you read through your CV. Is it riddled with one horrible cliché after the next (i.e. being a people person, a team player or a ‘ninja’ of anything) Does it make you cringe? It will probably have the same effect on the reader once you hit send. Be earnest and sincere. You will be miles better off.

Back patting

Toot your horn proudly in your CV. You’ve earned the honour by stepping up and making your current company a better place than before you arrived. But tread carefully, there’s a fine line between selling yourself and sounding arrogant.

Revisit, revise, repeat

You could be doing yourself incredible self-harm by slapping together a CV to meet an application deadline. A hastily-composed CV is apparent within the first two sentences. This could be a life-changing career move, after all. Take the time to sculpt a work of art, and review it dozens of times to refine it before sending it off.

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