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Monitor Your Body Language and Nail Your First Interview

Monday, July 17, 2017


Non-verbal cues which could stop you getting the job.

It’s probably one of the oldest expressions around, but it holds as true in our mobile-driven world today as it did back in the days when the print media ruled the world. And that is - you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


You would be forgiven if the thought makes you cringe and do a little eyeroll, but the fact remains that humans are hardwired to instantly make a judgement on the kind of person you are based in a few nanoseconds of your very first interaction. This holds true in the world of job seeking as well. Nailing the initial meeting with a prospective employer is crucial in your quest for career success.


What are some of the verbal and non-verbal cues you are sending in your first job interview?


Here is a quick rundown of signals you may be sending out even as you sit in reception waiting for your meeting:

  • Reception Perception - One of the things most recruiters ask after you exit the door following your interview is feedback from the staff behind the reception desk. They will ask their staff about your demeanour while you waited for the interview to start. Did they think you were impatient? Friendly? Condescending? Kind? Your interaction with everyone in the building could be used as a measure of how you really treat others.
  • Body Talk - The most powerful message you send is of the nonverbal variety. Sitting straight and attentively sends positive vibes about your personality, while slouching, fidgeting, clicking pens and foot tapping can subconsciously be saying you would rather be elsewhere. Do a mental scan of the language your body is speaking even when your mouth isn’t moving.
  • The Eyes Have It - One of the hardest things to practice is maintaining proper eye contact with someone. Failing to hold ‘visual’ conversations with your interviewer may be sending all the wrong signals. Staring downwards or darting your eyes around the room can raise the red flag regarding your honesty or sincerity. It takes serious concentration and rehearsal, but it is well worth the effort.
  • Dress to Impress - Fashion may come and go, but there are still basic rules to abide by. For virtually any job role you are applying for, you can’t really go wrong with a dark coloured suit (for both men and women). It’s better to overdress than underdress for an interview. When in doubt, leave it out. Since women’s attire is a bit more open to interpretation than men’s, Pinterest has plenty of boards to give you visual tips.


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