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Meet the Team - Chris Hine

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Introducing the latest member of the First Achieve family...

At First Achieve, we are constantly growing and developing. With this in mind, we thought it was about time you got to know the latest addition to our talented recruitment specialists, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Chris Hine.


Do you remember the very first role you filled? 

The honest answer is no.  I started out recruiting into the Chemistry sector and the first role that sticks out was for an analyst within the personal care industry.  It was the first big company I had brought on myself, and it was a difficult role to fill due to the specific requirements of the client.  It took some time, a lot of research, a lot of phone calls but I found someone willing to relocate to jump up the career ladder.


What role holds the record for the longest time taken to recruit for? 

I believe nearly 12 months, but time flies in this industry.  This is certainly not the norm for recruitment, but this was about finding a very specific skill set, and sometimes there is no room for negotiation, quality over quantity is always the aim.


The website I visit the most:

It has to be LinkedIn, it’s a daily need.  Outside of work, YouTube and superherohype. 


My favourite food:

Cheese. Mozzarella, Brie, Camembert, Stilton…as long as it’s not been tainted with the addition of fruit!


When I’m on holiday abroad I drink:

Long Island Iced Teas!


Worst wardrobe malfunction was:

My entire history of style choices could be called a malfunction, depends who you ask, just ask to see my array of jackets and coats.  The button on my waistcoat flying towards a client while I learned in to shake their hand was a professional low point of mine.


I never leave the house without my...

Headphones.  I am constantly listening to music.  I have such an eclectic taste that no matter the situation I can find music to match it.  Plus, if you ever see me at my desk I am normally dancing away in my seat.


He may be new to the party, but Chris has tonnes of exciting roles waiting to be snapped up! Get in touch today on 07964 832 714 to find out more!


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