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7 Grand National Lessons to Apply to Your Job Hunt

Thursday, April 4, 2019




Make sure you’re at the races, with First Achieve’s job hunting tips

Grand National fever has gripped the nation and we’re looking forward to the biggest race of the year.

But how does horse racing link to recruitment? We hear you ask.

Well, we think there are definitely lessons we can all learn from those men, women and, indeed, horses preparing to take to the course on Saturday.

Every time you apply for a job, there are a few tips which can be taken from the track to the interview room.

Here are our carrot-gold tips for beating the pack.


  1. Grab the Reins

As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it. This applies equally to lining up for the Grand National, or putting yourself in competition for a job.

You need to take charge and make sure you are always heading towards your goal.

There will always be others in the race, you just need to put the metaphorical blinkers on and focus on the finish line.

Run your own race and don’t worry about what other candidates might be doing. It’s all about how you tackle the course, and the elements that you can control.

This leads us nicely onto our second point – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


  1. Preparation

You don’t just turn up to a race like the Grand National and hope for the best. You make sure you’re fighting fit and ready to go.

Even if it’s your first try, you can still make sure you are going to be comfortably meeting expectations, by putting in the legwork beforehand.

Knowing what you’re letting yourself in for is half the battle. Survey the terrain - visit the company’s website, check out their social media, and talk to us about the kind of culture that exists there.

Once you know what it takes to triumph, you can give yourself the best chance of victory.


  1. Link Up with the Best Connections

On race day (your interview) it may be just you and the interviewer, but every winner has one thing in common – a fantastic team behind them. In horse racing, these people are called ‘connections’ and in life, they can be mentors, family, friends, colleagues and, of course, recruiters.

Yes, this where we come in. Remember, we want you to win the race and land the job as much as you do, so we will back you all the way.

From personality profiling, to interview tips, we’ll walk you around the course, identify your biggest strengths and weakness and help you find your footing.

Our team includes digital recruiters, time-served engineers and experienced FMCG recruiters to name a few, so you can be sure you’re in the best hands.

We pride ourselves on only putting forward ‘thoroughbred’ candidates, so you know if you’re in the race, it’s because we rate your chances.


  1. Dress to Impress

Each jockey’s silks represent the horse’s owners. The colours and patterns chosen are a kind of brand, which identifies the horse as belonging to a certain stable. What you wear is one of the ways you represent yourself and your ‘brand’ to prospective employers.

We’re not suggesting you take inspiration directly from the silks here, as many of the jockeys are decked out in some rather loud combinations, but you should put some thought into what your clothes say about you.


  1. Overcoming Hurdles

Even those who fly round the track must navigate a few hurdles here and there, in order to reach the finish line.

Don’t get flustered, just take each obstacle as it comes, and you’ll be fine.

Sometimes, however, it can feel like you’re being made to jump through hoops (or over fences) simply to prove how much you want the prize.  

We work with our clients to refine their criteria for each role, so there shouldn’t be any unnecessary tests or hurdles to trip you up.  


  1. Be Lucky!

In job hunting, as in racing, there is an element of luck involved. Once in a while, everything falls perfectly into place, and you win the day. Other times, you can’t seem to get out of the gate. That’s ok. You may find there’s an even better opportunity waiting for you on another track.

The most important thing, is…


  1. Don’t Give Up

Even if you’re well ahead of the pack to begin with, you can’t win them all. Sometimes, you have to accept that there was a better selection, who ultimately won the race.

When this happens, you’ve just got to dust yourself down, check you’re fully equipped for the next run, and go again.

Having been a front runner, you can analyse what you need to do to make it first past the post. As your connections, we’ll be on hand to commiserate and make sure you’re even better prepared the next time you enter the race.


So, there you have it, a few job-hunting tips you can draw from the Grand National!

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