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5 Things To Consider Before Accepting A New Job

Thursday, August 31, 2017





It's not just the job you should consider when accepting a new role.

As much as it might pain us to admit, we spend much of our waking hours at work. If you are lucky, the people and atmosphere surrounding you are very conducive to stellar productivity and career satisfaction.

However, employees can find themselves at odds with their new office environment, which negatively impacts them and their work. Over time, small nuisances become unbearable distractions and can make your time at work seem more like a prison sentence than a fulfilling career.

Here are a few things to keep a keen eye out for when you arrive for your first interview:


Office layout

There is ongoing debate whether the popular open office setting is not great for productivity. Certainly, the open plan is brilliant for collaborative jobs like creative or sales teams. However, being plunked down amid chatty co-workers is not an ideal scenario when you are a financial analyst, computer programmer or are tasked with proof reading copy or reviewing contracts. Find out where you would be situated, prior to accepting a job offer.


If you’ve ever worked in an office, you will know there is the eternal struggle of getting the general temperature ‘just right’. For every person that is perfectly comfortable, there is bound to be a few folks chattering from cold or fanning themselves dramatically with any type of paper they can get their hands on to cool down. Try to guage if the HVAC system is up to scratch when you arrive for your interview.

Office Noise

The bigger the office, the louder the roar. Most people enjoy a company culture where engaging with their colleagues is welcomed and encouraged. Many find an office where you can hear a pin drop unbearable and stifling. But you may be one of those individuals who are superbly productive when they have total quiet and concentration.  Keep an ear out for the noise levels in the office upon arrival and make a mental note of it.


The geography of the office is another consideration that may seem insignificant in the honeymoon stage of your job, but over time it can weigh heavy on your mind. Are you close to public transportation? Is there parking nearby (and how much does it cost)? Is there a decent place to go and grab a quick bite to eat? Can you get 4G on your mobile? These are things to consider in your decision to take the job or pass for a better situation for you.


This may seem like an odd one, but look out for how modern the computers/printers/phones/office furnishings are. It can become maddening to work with outdated equipment so try to catch a glimpse of what you will be working with daily. Rickety desks and uncomfortable chairs may also be a deal-breaker for you, so be sure to have a close look.


Don't be afraid to ask your interviewer for an office tour, so you can do a little recon before signing on the dotted line. Any recruiter worth their salt will know the kind of company culture and office environment a prospective employer will have, and should be willing to share that information BEFORE you go to the interview. The recruitment specialists at First Achieve take pride in ensuring we match candidates with their ideal role in an environment they can thrive in. Have a look at the roles we are recruiting for here.

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